Clay Lacy Aviation Opens New Ramp Space At Van Nuys Airport

Marks Completion Of First Phase Of $10 Million Project

Clay Lacy Aviation has opened 2.5 acres of new ramp space at its Van Nuys Airport FBO providing additional space for arrivals and departures, accommodate overnight parking and reduce the frequency of aircraft towing.

It marks the first phase of a $10 million, 6-acre development and improvement plan designed to create Los Angeles’ most secure and private corporate aviation complex. “We are excited that significant progress is being made toward completion of our much-anticipated South Campus,” said Clay Lacy Aviation President and CEO Brian Kirkdoffer. “Every detail of our new and improved facilities has been designed with the privacy, comfort and safety of our clients in mind.”

The physical orientation of the new buildings, combined with the refurbishment of existing facilities, is intended to provide the most private and secure location on the airport.

“This development is another example of Clay Lacy Aviation’s ongoing commitment to delivering the highest levels of safety, service and value,” Kirkdoffer said. “Today, our vision remains the same as it was when our company was founded in 1968 – great people, providing an exceptional aviation experience.”

CalPilots Editor’s Note: Mr Lacy has been a long time supporter of CalPilots and we appreciate his ongoing support.