CalPilots Message; CalPilots CalDART Separate

Dear CalPilots Members,

We want to advise you of a change in the organization effective January 1, 2022. On that date, CalPilots and CalDART will separate and CalDART will no longer be a subsidiary of CalPilots. Both organizations have executed a divestiture agreement and are separating on good terms.

Why did this happen? CalPilots/CalDART operated in tandem for many years and the benefits to both were tangible, however, as happens with many organizations, missions change, boards change and the ability to manage an organization taxes those involved who work on a volunteer basis.

What does the future hold for CalPilots? We will continue to operate in the same mode as before – thoughtful and responsive actions to preserve and defend airports. Our communication channels remain focused and open with clear messaging from knowledgeable and experienced aviation advocates. With less time spent on administrative matters we will be able to expend more energy on the issues which are our strengths – preserve and protect airports, interface with local/state/federal authorities, and, most importantly, work with our members in a positive, methodical manner seeking the best outcome for the aviation community. The board of CalPilots remains committed to keeping CalPilots strong and our message clear and uncompromising when supporting airports and pilots in California.

What will change? For now – nothing. Your membership in the organizations remains intact until your renewal after January 1, 2022. At that time you will be able to join one or both of the organizations but will do so separately. Both will reach out to you and solicit your membership. Each organization remains a 501(c)3 charitable group registered with the California Secretary of State and CalPilots will continue to have a PAC and solicit donations for it.

Often groups separate due to acrimony or other differences. That is not the case here – CalDART was welcomed and participated on the board level despite no specific requirement for them to do so. Their input was welcomed and their mission supported, but organizations reach a critical mass that presents an opportunity for independence and CalDART wished to exercise that option – The CalPilots board accepted that and agreed to let CalDART fly solo. We wish them nothing but success in their venture and offer our support in the future where our mutual endeavors find us.

Your continued support of CalPilots is very much appreciated and we will continue to operate in a manner that best supports the California aviation community.



CalPilots, 1809 S Street, Ste 101-254, Sacramento, CA 95811