Janurary/February 2002 Editor's Commentary

Presidents Corner

Editor’s Commentary

Our esteemed president usually fills this page, but this month we wanted to do it on his behalf with a special thank-you of sorts. For the past 16 years, Jay has taken on the challenges of guiding the California Pilots Association through often-turbulent skies. Many new members may not be aware the degree to which Jay has shaped California’s aero-political airscape. They need to know the left seat occupant…

As the state’s leading authority on Airport Land Use, Jay has traveled extensively to present vital information to city planners. Under his leadership, CPA formed the nation’s first airport representative program, the one modeled by AOPA and now NBAA.

Pro-aviation legislation has been drafted and sponsored by CPA, reviewed and shepherded by Jay through various developmental paths in the House and Senate. He has also worked closely with Skip Daum, CPA Sacramento lobbyist, to ensure timely responses to monitoring of both pro- and anti- aviation bills.

As a practicing attorney, Jay has also spent countless hours of his personal time reviewing legal documents for court cases and hearings which have had profound effects on California aviation. When the avionics were stolen out of his Mooney last year, Jay made repeated trips by car to Santa Rosa (from San Carlos) for court appearances.

Jay also wrote what we believe is the only publication of its kind on airport defending. “Save Your Airport” has become the fundamental source of study for pilots wanting to understand the foreign environment of aero-politics. Free copies can be downloaded from www.calpilots.org.

Jay served as a mechanic during WW II, completed law school while working for the airlines full time and upon retirement from United, stepped into CPA’s lead position while maintaining his law practice.

And if you haven’t looked at a map of the big blue spot between Hawaii and San Francisco lately, consider the fortitude of someone who flew over vast amounts of really deep water for a living as a United Airlines Captain…

The California Pilots Association owes a great deal to Jay. As we enter aviation’s most turbulent times, we thank him now more than ever.-Ed.