Janurary/February 2002 Notams for Jan/Feb


(News of interest to California’s 72,000 pilots)

Oceanside (OKB): The newly formed Oceanside Airport Association has become the latest member to join CPA’s statewide family of airport, pilot and hangar associations.

Pat Carey (president, Hawthorne Airport Community Association), Karl Keating (President, Gillespie Airport Association) and OAA president Alan Cruise were among speakers at the first official membership meeting of OAA, held on January 19 at Sea Winds Aviation (OKB).

Several dozen local pilots joined on the spot after hearing about the necessity for pilot unity, making this membership drive an unqualified success.

David R. Aldridge, CPA’s Executive Director, spoke of the need for OAA to quickly form a PAC (political action committee) to raise money in support of pro-aviation politicians for the upcoming November election. Pat Forbes, CPA’s PAC treasurer, will be assisting OAA in developing this facet of their organization.

A political action committee is fast becoming a vital component of any pilot association wanting to ensure that elected officials who are pro-aviation receive assistance in their campaigns.

OAA, with help from www.pilotage.com, recently created their Web site (www.oceansideairport.org). As it grows, so will the association’s efforts to preserve OKB in the face of numerous political uncertainties. It’s also a sure bet that what happens at this small uncontrolled field will have repercussions all across the Golden State. The California Pilots Association is proud to welcome the Oceanside Airport Association into the airport defending fold.

San Jose (SJC): A 13.2 percent increase in General Aviation aircraft tie-down and hangar rates has been proposed in the 2001-02 MidYear Budget process for San Jose International Airport. The Budget report, a public record provided by CPA’s SJC Rep Ron Blake, further states that “The revised rates are anticipated to be effective as of the April 2002 billing. This rate increase represents the first increase in General Aviation rates since July of 1999. The recommendation is based upon a cost allocation structure for General Aviation programs and services with an annual application of a cost of living adjustment. The rate structure recommendation also includes annual adjustments for increases or decreases for General Aviation-related capital projects, land use and/or significant changes in operating expenses.”

Nevada County Airpark (O17): CPA rep Julia Amaral advises that effective December 1, 2001 the Nevada County Airpark Unicom frequency was changed from 123.0 to 122.725. Julia added that both frequencies would be monitored for an undetermined period of time.

Desert Resorts Regional (TRM)/Bermuda Dunes (UDD): CPA rep Carol Ann Scanlon and her husband Don report that a $3.2 million construction project, comprised of sewers, storm drains, water lines, and hanger buildings, is underway at TRM. Over at Bermuda Dunes, a recently completed 21-hanger building project now has full occupancy, with a new jet hanger under construction and additional smaller hangars on-line for construction.

Calaveras County (CPU): CPA rep Brett Thomson reports that Calavaras County Supervisors approved the airport manager’s request to apply for FAA Airport Improvement Funds to construct a road behind the existing hangars and to install a pipeline for fire protection and water supply. This is in preparation for additional airport buildings and services. The significance of the county’s approval are the accompanying grant assurances that help guarantee future airport operations.

Southern California Safety Notes: The latest Los Angeles Terminal Areas Charts now contain small magenta boxes with the text message: “Caution, Intensive Flight Training Below 4500 Feet,” followed by a specific area frequency for monitoring/announcing by flight instructors and pilots. Further information regarding specific locations and frequencies can be obtained from your local Flight Service Station at 1-800-WX-BRIEF.

Pilots traversing the Gorman Pass into or out of Los Angeles at this time of year can check on-site data from Sandberg ASOS on 120.625, or by calling (661) 248-2329. Thunderstorm and freezing rain information are not available, but it does include ceilings, visibility, temperature, dew point, and density altitude.

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