Over 800 members – ?Gear?s Up . . . We?re on our Way?

It?s been a busy time for the Oceanside Airport Association, currently over 800 members. Phase One and Two of the 1997 Airport Master Plan was approved and will begin with replacement of the old dilapidated hangars, new hanger construction, and improvement of a terminal building. The OAA held elections of the Officers and Board members at its annual General Meeting. Alan Cruise will remain as President with newcomers Carl Hixon (VP) and Nancy Clevering (Treasurer) also join Rick Baker (Secretary) and Board members George Phelps, Rene DeLathauwer and Bob Landes. Rocky Chavez, Oceanside City Council Member and Oceanside School of Business and Technology CEO, spoke to the assembly and urged OAA members to ?think outside the cockpit? when it came to developing the airport – pointing out the possibilities of mixed use facilities; such as a restaurant, a museum, an educational facility, and a community room, in addition to hangars and aviation related structures, all ?quieter by design?. Rocky pointed out the importance for OAA member?s involvement with airport development. Stating ?you need to have vision and take the steps to get to implement your vision, because if you sit on the sidelines, anything could happen.?

Taking Rocky?s message to heart, board member Bob Landes organized the first monthly event ? a pancake breakfast held at Oceanside Airport in November. Yummy pancakes were a real treat. The younger visitors had special aviation quizzes, and enjoyed the trio of bi-planes that flew in for the morning. Mayor Terry Johnson spoke to the crowd on the importance of observing the noise abatement procedures when taking off and landing at Oceanside, and to make sure that other pilots out of the area are also aware of these procedures. Bob Landes stated ?I am pleased that a number of OAA members, Mayor Johnson and the local community had an opportunity to discuss leveraging the benefits of the Oceanside airport for the citizens of Oceanside in a fun, relaxed venue. Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting new friends, the live entertainment provided by Scott Williams, and the “home style” pancake breakfast. We are looking forward to meeting more people with interest in aviation and city benefits to future social events beginning in January.

For more information, please contact Alan Cruise on 760 635 3378. Preservation ? Education ? Communication