Meeting of SOCAL Airport Reps ? VNY 1/24/04

Keeping our airports and our airport operating privileges are a few of the reasons we volunteer to represent our airports. We need to be active so as to be in the forefront when it comes to identifying airport problems. Many of us have experienced problems that are the same as those facing pilots at the airport just down the road. Some of us have resolved airport problems in our favor, and some of us have not. We have so much in common, it makes good sense to get together and discuss what we?ve done. We want to talk about what has worked, and what we?ve done that has not worked. If nothing else, by meeting at VNY we will get to know one another. It helps when one knows that they are not alone in their efforts.

One of our recent challenges was at the Oceanside Airport. A lot of folks stepped forward to help, this included the California Pilots Association as well as the AOPA. Few of our successes happen without those of us that volunteer to look out for our airports. We are the first line of defense ? to alert those that can help our airport.

I?m preaching to the choir here, so I want to get to why I am writing this. We are having a meeting so that we can get to know one another, and use our contacts to better support our airports. We tried it a couple of months ago and only a handful of us were able to come, so let?s try harder.

This is a L.A. centered gathering, but all airport representatives, CPA and AOPA, are invited. Please see the details below.

Jack Kenton.
(310) 322-8098)

Note:The meeting is at VNY on the 24th at 2 PM. It is in the Blue Skies conference room located at 7535 Valjean Ave, Van Nuys, Calif. 91406. This facility is located just north of San Val Pilot supply. If you plan to fly in, please call me at 818 261-0060 before you launch so that we can be sure to have ramp space for you (e-mail: for further information). Upon landing, ask ground control (121.7) for Blue Skies. The Self Serve Pump is also good ID for your airport destination. Taxi to the area and try to find a place near the B-25 Hangar. Please park so as not to block the aircraft used for training. Remember to call if you are flying in.

Elliot L. Sanders
(818) 261-0060