Trona Airport Gets A Facelift

Trona Airport in Southern Inyo County has gotten a facelift. It consists of a freshly painted helipad, and initial FAA approval for lengthening the runway back to its original length of approximately 5930 feet. The work was done by volunteers (Onace Long, Don Mills, Phil Mills, Jim Lawson, Bernie Pritchard, Geroge Cercone, Andy Ledesma, Lee Phillips) and other members of the Trona Pilot’s Association.

In October 2003, the San Fernando Valley chapter of the 99’s came to Trona to airmark the taxiways. They did a remarkable job, and all present enjoyed a tri-tip barbeque with airport beans and many side dishes, provided by the Trona Pilot’s Association.

Trona is a good spring and fall place for camping, and has a golf course immediately north of the field.