Palomar (CRQ) Evictions and FAA Part 16 Complaint

CRQ Evictions and FAA Part 16 Complaint
Distribution: Palomar Airport Action E-Mail List

Dear Airport users and supporters,

As you may know I am your AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer for Palomar Airport KCRQ, and also your California Pilots Association airport contact. My purpose in this is to be an information resource for local users and these organizations to ensure they are working together and stay connected. Not surprisingly, I have been getting many inquiries from AOPA and it’s members about the imminent evictions of GA on Aug. 31 and Aviation Businesses on Sept. 30 for the middle of the airport, and what can be done about it.

The message is this:

  • If you are affected, the AOPA highly recommends you personally get involved at the local level in a formal process and see how you can help. There is not much time remaining. Here are some things you need to know.

  • AOPA believes the county has a history of Grant Assurance violations at its airports. Briefly, Grant Assurances are a list of additional federal requirements that govern how airports are to be operated when they have receive federal grants called, Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds.
  • The federal assurance agreements supercede local policy and agreements. AOPA believes your CRQ issue not be ignored and is eager to see immediate action.
  • AOPA is supportive of local affected users filing a formal FAA Part 16 Complaint, against the County of San Diego for a number of KCRQ Grant Assurance violations. California Pilots Association is also evaluating actions. Per FAA procedure affected users are the only people that can submit the complaint. The complaint will go straight to the FAA in D.C. and will be reviewed quickly. A local attorney and AOPA member Mr. Ron Cozad is the lead on preparation of this complaint. His contact info is, 760.716.1025,

    You need to know the AOPA, Cal Pilots Assoc. and Mr. Cozad have agreed to collaborate throughout this process. If you are affected and feel strongly then here is your chance to be part of the formal process, please contact Mr. Cozad above. The complaint will probably be filed within the next couple of days. If I can be of any further assistance in providing helpful aviation contacts and information please let me know and I will do my best.


    Rick Baker
    Palomar Airport Association member
    CPA Contact for KCRQ