Tehachapi Municipal Airport

It appears that the option to build a hospital close to the Tehachapi Municipal Airport has been dropped. “TVHD Board of Directors Narrows List on Possible Sites
At the TVHD Board of Directors Meeting on Wednesday, August 18 the list of potential new hospital sites got shorter. On a unanimous vote of the Board, site H (East Tehachapi Boulevard) was eliminated from further consideration. The reason was that, according to a report of Aspen Street Architects received earlier that day, ?using the Kern County Public Use Airports Map Packet, Amended March 2004 and plotting as accurately as possible the location of site G and H, about 90% of site H is in airport zone C of the Tehachapi Municipal Airport. The criteria for zone C expressly prohibit hospitals and nursing homes in that zone,? wrote Engineer Robert Bliss in the August 18 letter.