Desert Resorts International Becomes Jackie Cochran Airport

The Airport Authority of the County of Riverside has changed the name from Desert Resorts International to Jackie Cochran. On November 6th, at 9 a.m. there will be a rededication of the airport. WASPS and 99s will be in attendance and part of the program. Mary Bono, Maria Schriver and Chuck Yeager have all been invited. There will be a ribbon cutting and a Missing Man Formation to open the event. The air show will include T34’s from March Aero Club, Dragon Flight,L39’s,an FA 86, hopefully a Lockheed Load Star, aerobatic teams. C46, Constellation B17 , Ford TriMotor, airplanes on loan from Chino Museum and the Palm Springs Museum, and airplanes for the static display from the Palm Springs Air Museum.

There will be booths available, and the price is $125.00 for non-profit groups. Advertisements will appear in AOPA, Pacific Flyer and InFlight. Admission will be free. The county hopes to make this air show an annual event. There will be an active tower on November 5th and 6th.

Unfortunately, the county plan on closing the airport to all GA traffic that day. They want everyone to fly in on Friday, stay over n night and leave on Sunday. We (EAA, 99s, WIA, WASPS’s)are trying to convince them that this will not work. Will keep you posted.

Carol Scanlon


The airport will be closed only during the aerobatic portion of the show, which we expect to begin at 0930 and conclude at 1400 or 1430. We will have a temporary tower at the airport both Friday and Saturday, and they will handle all arriving and departing traffic prior to and after the show.

Robert Field
Deputy Director/Aviation Division Supervisor