Trona Airport (L72) News

Hi everyone,
As most of you know by now, Harold Miller is the new caretaker at L72. Harold can be reached at (760) 372-4886, or by e-mail at

Since arriving, Harold has had his hands full: trouble with the water system, and other maintenance related stuff. He’s worked hard, and gotten it going again, with help from Onace Long, myself, and some of the good folks in Trona. It’s sure good to have someone there who takes an interest, and gets stuff done! Stop by to say hello, or for a cuppa coffee or some sun tea! Harold recently completed the modifications to his C-150/150, and it was test flown last Saturday. It flies real nice! Quick, too! FAMILY EVENT – EVERYONE WELCOME

We’ll be having a work party and Fly-in BBQ on Saturday, October 9, 2004. We need to paint the segmented circle, the wind T and other general maintenance stuff that every airport needs. Bring gloves, and clothes appropriate to doing stuff, if you can help. All help will be gratefully accepted! As usual, we will provide Tri-tip, Baked Beans and fried potatoes. It will be pot-luck from there, so bring a dish to feed 4-5 people: Salads, entrees, appetizers, deserts, etc – use your imagination! Lawn chairs would be welcome. This happens to be the same weekend that the Searles Valley Gem and Mineral show will be in progress, so why not come camping at the airport, and attend the show as well!

We will try to arrange some games for kids, too!

We will start at about 8:00 AM, and call it a day by 4:00 PM.

Food about noon.

Fuel Concession

There seems to be increased interest in getting fuel availability at L72. There seems to be no prospect of getting 80 octane, since supplies of 80 are extremely limited. So, we would be looking at autogas, 100LL and jet fuel as possibilities. I have heard no real call for Jet fuel or autogas, but you never know…. Contact Lee or Harold if you can help, or to express interest. We might do anything from filling the fuel truck to putting in a fuel facility. Make your interests known.


Also, as most of you know, we do have a signed lease. It is a “non-exclusive” lease. It is good for 20 years, with a 20 year extension requestable without further approval.

This means that
1) anyone who wants to use the airport may do so;
2) If the government wants to move in and plant facilities there, it may do so without restriction;
3) It is for aeronautical purposes only;
4) The leaseholder (SVCSC) is required to establish/maintain the facility as an airport.

It also means that we cannot sublease or rent out parts of the airport for things like filming, since the BLM has reserved the right to do that.

The only uncertainty about the lease, is that BLM has not yet fixed the cost per year of the lease. So, in the interim the rental rate is the same as it was during the last lease – which I believe was $25/year. Regardless, the County of Inyo has reassessed all the hangar plots according to their notion of what the property should be worth, for possessory interest charges.

FAA Grants now deemed possible

BLM representatives have indicated support in principle for getting FAA grants for facilities, like runways, taxiways, ramps, fuel facilities, … etc: All the things grants may be given for. One might wonder what that might do to the value of the property, and how that would affect the as-yet-unfixed lease payments.
Hmmmmmmm…….. Hope BLM gets that settled soon.

Come and ENJOY!

Keep your calendars open 9OCT04, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM!

Pass the word to anyone who might be interested!

Fly safe!