Arizona Proposal to Regulate Flight Instructors Put Aside

DOA: Arizona Proposal to Regulate Flight Instructors Put Aside
SAFE, Others Provide Persuasive Testimony

Earlier in the week, the aviation community became alarmed that the state of Arizona was about to take the same stupid-pills California was taking in regards to the enaction of excessive and debilitating regulations for the flight training industry… Thankfully, the most recent reports suggest we can all breathe easier.

Representing the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE), Master Instructor Mike Coligny was the first of many to address the Arizona State Board for Private and Postsecondary Education (ASBPPE) in opposition to a proposal that sought to regulate Arizona flight instructors. During a hearing held on Thursday, Coligny argued that it was beyond the scope of the ASBPPE’s charter to attempt to regulate fraud in flight school operations. Coligny stated that claims of fraud “are clearly the jurisdiction of the State’s Attorney General.”

With convincing arguments presented by SAFE’s Coligny, as well as Stacey Howard and others, as well as the tenuous status of a similar law in California, the ASBPPE concluded that the proposed regulation of flight instructors was not within their purview.