Byron Airport Land Use Commission Meeting

Byron Airport Meeting Summary – The Saturday August 7th Power Plant Awareness Meeting at Byron Airport was well received, with about 20 pilots in attendance.  The meeting started at 9:30 am and went until after 12:00 noon

Bill Sanders spoke on the importance of airport land use compatibility when considering land development around airports. And why it is very important to every airport and its viability.

Andy Wilson spoke of the technical plume issues, providing Byron flight data tracks and 11 x 17 sheets showing where the two proposed power plants were located relative to Byron Airport. Andy also provided information on the current power plant situations at Hayward, French Valley, and Blythe.

Carol Ford spoke about the importance of getting pilots to Wednesday’s Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) meeting. And, the fact that while CALPILOTS is doing our part, the ALUC needs to hear directly from the airports’ pilots and users on this issue – check the meeting location on this web site.

After an introduction and questions period was conducted the group brought up several great ideas for questions, and expressed their thoughts on how the proposed power plants were going to negatively interfere with flight operations.  Many in the meeting committed to speak this Wednesday, but we need more to show up.


AOPA Special Alert                                   August 6, 2010    

Special Notice to Byron Airport (C83) Area Pilots

AOPA is calling on all pilots using Byron Airport (C83) to attend an
important public hearing regarding the proposed Mariposa Energy Project
to be located 2.6 miles southeast of the airport. This will be the 3rd
and final public hearing held by the Contra Costa Airport Land Use
Commission (ALUC) before they rule on whether or not the project is
compatible with the Byron Airport.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 11, at 7:30 p.m. in the
County Complex located at 651 Pine Street, Martinez, CA 94553. The meeting
will be in the McBrien Administration Building Room 107.

Mariposa Energy is proposing to construct a gas-fired electric generation
facility. The plant will have 4 stacks, which will create steam plumes that
may have an impact on aircraft operations at the airport. Ultralight, skydiving,
and soaring activity also occurs at the airport.

There is currently no scientific data available to fully explain how plumes
affect aviation operations in the vicinity of an airport. However, the FAA is
currently in the process of compiling data that can be used in evaluating the
impact of plumes. They have received anecdotal evidence that turbulence from
plumes can have a significant impact on aircraft operations. That report is
expected at the end of August or early September.

AOPA has provided comments to the ALUC expressing concerns on the location
of the project.

The ALUC needs to hear from the general aviation community on this project.
We urge you to attend this important meeting. If you wish to speak, let the
ALUC Commissioners know of your concerns. Otherwise, attend the meeting to
show your support for those who do speak on the subject.