Byron Airport (C83) Meeting – Pilots and Users

Important Meeting Byron Airport (C83) Pilots and Users

When : 9:30 AM Sat Aug 7th , OPS Building West side of Ry30 ~ mid way (Free Coffee & Doughnuts)
California Pilots Association Briefing (
Two Power Plants are in the planning process and are about to restrict Airport Arrivals & Departures from/to the Southeast of Byron Airport.

What is the issue and why should you be concerned?

  1. The proposed power plants will straddle the Runway 30 arrival within 2.4 nm of Byron Airport, and could become a factor in the missed approach procedure for 12. The power plant company is stating that there is no issue with power plants located this close to airports. We disagree and so should you.
  2. An FAA Airport Facility Directory (A/FD) Hazard Notice, a C83 Power Plant Plumes Pilot Education Program, and a C83 NOTAM to avoid overflights are being proposed (these are unacceptable Band-Aids to mitigate the danger).
  3. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wants to post No-Fly-Zones around Power Plants in the USA.
  4. A Review/Approval Process is Underway, and will soon to conclude. The Airport Land Use Commission a county commission wants-to-hear-from Byron Pilots. They are investigating impacts on all forms of C83 air Operations. – It is important-for-you-to-attend the Airport Land UseCommission on Wednesday, Aug 11th, 7:15 pm in Martinez; this will be your Final Opportunity to comment before they vote!
  5. Area-Pilots-Must-Attend-and-Represent-C83 even though the FAA, the CalTrans Division of Aeronautics Department, AOPA, and the California Pilots Association ( have expressed safety concerns!

If you fail to participate now, in two (2)-years you will be wondering why you are being restricted from flying Southeast of Byron.

For questions? Contact Bill Sanders (619-453-6034) or Carol Ford (650-591-8308)