Safety Tip: Airport Surface Deviations

January ASD Safety Tip

Are you a pilot who has vehicle access to your local airport? Perhaps you are an aircraft maintenance technician or an airport employee who has to use vehicles or tugs on the airport movement area? Do you know what one of the major causes of Runway Incursions is? If you guessed vehicle/pedestrian deviations then you are correct!

Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations are on the rise. This trend of Airport Vehicles, Tenant Vehicles, and pedestrians accessing the movement areas of an airport has increased in recent months.

Whether you are an Airport employee or a tenant, help stop this trend by becoming familiar with areas where vehicles and pedestrians have access to the secure side of the airport and be vigilant in policing those areas. See that warning signs are posted in a conspicuous place near all entrance points.

As an airport vehicle/tug operator be familiar with the runway signage, markings and two way communication requirements. Utilize the “Ground Vehicle Guide to Airport Signs and Markings” placard available through your local FAASTeam Program Manager or the FAA Office of Runway Safety (

Airport tenants need to also realize that vehicle operations on the movement area of any airport must conform to the same procedures as an aircraft. Two-way communication must be established and all ATC instructions must be followed in order to operate a vehicle on the movement area of the airport.

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