Update on Whiteman Airport building in the Runway Protection Zone

Update on Whiteman Airport building in the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)

“Most of you are aware by now that a private development located across Osborne Street popped up without notice. My staff and I have been busily gathering information about the development and making appropriate notifications to the various agencies involved. Our understanding of the development is that it will be 23 foot high building with one or more 10 foot towers on top, for a total structure height of 33 feet. We have no other details of the project at this point.

Although it is still early and all the details are not in yet, I can assure you that we are out in front of this issue.

The developer is responsible for filing a Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration with FAA Air Traffic Control. This is the primary tool used to initiate federal review of developments both on and off airport. We confirmed with the FAA that no such filing has occurred. My staff is preparing to file the same form on the County’s behalf simply as a measure to obtain an FAA determination of the project whether or not is constitutes a hazard to air navigation). This will not relieve the developer from his filing requirements, however. If the development is found to cause a hazard the FAA will provide the developer with options. In this case one could naturally be to limit the height of the structure.

In addition to the FAA, I also spoke with Caltrans, Division of Aeronautics and they are aware of the issue and prepared to assist. We had a very good discussion on this matter at the regular meeting of County’s Aviation Commission yesterday morning, and I can assure you that the Commission shares our concerns and they are eager to see this through to resolution.

Again, I want to assure you that we are working hard to resolve this issue, and I will keep you informed as the story unfolds. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Jason Morgan of my staff.

Thank you.”

Richard L. Smith
Aviation Division