9/11 Commemorative Fly-out

Here’s an idea from John D. Ruley, President, Modesto Airport Pilots Association – Why not make a commemorative flight on 9/11?

9/11/11 UPDATE: Weather cancels fly-out…

Subject: 9-11 Commemorative Fly-out

“As you know, ten years ago the U.S. was attacked by terrorists using airplanes as weapons. Aviation as we know it basically grounded for several days, and it was quite awhile before freedom to fly was (mostly) restored.

Sunday will be the 10th anniversary of that awful event.  There will be many commemorative activities, but I’d like to suggest one very special way to remember that’s available to us as pilots: Let’s go flying!  

It really doesn’t matter too much where – the point is to see as many airplanes in the sky as possible, in contrast to all of us being grounded ten years ago.

My wife and I are tentatively planning a flight up to Columbia (O22) for lunch. We’d be honored if some of you would join us – we will probably depart about 9:00 AM.  Whether you can join us or not, please consider getting your airplane in the air, if only for a few turns around the pattern.

Ten years ago, the skies were closed to most of us.  Let’s celebrate the fact that they’re open to us now!”

John D. Ruley,
President, Modesto Airport Pilots Association

CalPilots Editor’s Note: Why not make your own fly out plans for 9/11 – let’s get back in the air.

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