Heading to Vegas?

The FAA is asking for help | KVGT – Memorial Weekend (and beyond)


We just received this letter from the FAA/FAASTeam leadership. The FAA team was urging us on spreading this very important information ASAP! We’re happy to do so …

Hot Spot #1 in the US!
Our FAASTeam Program Manager in Las Vegas, Mr. Steve Salina needs your help in distributing information relative to ground operations at North Las Vegas Airport (VGT) before the Memorial Day weekend.

This is a matter of significant importance as VGT has the highest incidence of runway incursions in the nation. If you could forward copies of this attachment (paper or electronically) to FBO’s, Flying Clubs, Flight Schools and anywhere you think pilots who might be flying into Las Vegas would see this information.

More than 90% of incursions at VGT come from transit pilots and the overwhelming majority are from CA. This is a really big deal, and we need to do everything we can to support the local efforts that Steve is involved with. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Karla Borden
Ross Gregory
John Steuernagle