Anti-KSMO Sentiment

NIMBY Group Looks To Stir Up Anti-KSMO Sentiment

Soliciting Complaint Forms For Members Of Congress To Take To The FAA

In an effort to have further restrictions placed on Santa Monica Airport … or close it all together … a group describing itself as a “growing network including thousands of people from our local community” has put up a website in an effort to get involved in “shaping the future use of the Santa Monica Airport Land to better the lives of our entire community and future generations.”

You can bet that it doesn’t involve airplanes.

The group calls itself “SMOFuture.” And on the landing page of its website is a solicitation for people to send letters to two California members of Congress critical of the airport. They say that the representatives … Congressman Ted Lieu and Congresswoman Karen Bass, both Democrats … need 1,000 complaint forms to present to the FAA on July 8.

SMOFuture has made it easy. They have provided information for the Representatives and a form to fill out, including a section to “Please explain your concerns/problems with the airport here.”

The group contends that the city of Santa Monica’s agreement with the FAA to operate the airport expires July 1. “This milestone gives rise to one of the most important opportunities to positively impact our local community for generations to come,” the group says on the website. “The airport today sits on almost 227 acres of publicly-owned property and, for the next several years, local people will have the opportunity to shape our future use of our land. Come join us in our cause and our journey into the future.”