July/August 2015 issue of FAA Safety Briefing

The July/August 2015 issue of FAA Safety Briefing highlights the many unique opportunities that GA flying enables in all four corners of our great nation. Articles in this issue help prepare pilots for what to expect when traveling outside their home airspace in terms of plan, pilot, and plane.

Articles include Susan Parson’s “It’s About the Journey,” that explores how to cultivate the right mindset for traveling by GA, Tom Hoffmann’s “Home Sweet Home … and Beyond,” which focuses on understanding the aviation environment beyond your local area, and Sabrina Woods’ “Emergency! Urgent Care for Your Aircraft,” which looks at how you can find mechanical “healing” if your aircraft is injured away from home base. In addition, be sure to check out “Taking Care of Yourself on the Road,” Sabrina Woods’ guide to flight planning and healthcare tips for cross-country flying. Last, but certainly not least, we introduce the winners of the 2015 General Aviation Awards.

For all this and much more check out: http://www.faa.gov/news/safety_briefing/