Compton-Woodley Airport Pilot Proficiency – FAAST program 2-19-11

What is your proficiency when it comes to flying in today’s airspace? Weather minimums and clearance from clouds – is it that you should be 500′ above a cloud deck and 1000′ below? Or is it 500′ below and 1000′ above that are the minimums. Compton is Class G airspace. How many really know what that means to our flying here? At our membership meeting, Pat Carey, a member of the FAA’s FAAST Team and local pilot examiner (and maybe his sidekick Robin McCall) will give us a briefing on the FAA’s WINGS program.

The Wings program is designed to keep us up to date on what we should know to be flying in the U.S. National Airspace System. For us in Los Angeles, I think that most of us can agree that proficiency in managing ourselves in the L.A. Airspace covers us for the whole U.S. (except maybe the D.C. ADIZ). But there is a lot to know, and the Wings program can be a motivator for us and help us along the road to being a proficient pilot. Come to our meeting and learn how easy it is to go to the FAA’s website and be a part of the Wings program.

We meet at 10 AM at the EAA 96 FBO hangar. The address is 1017 W. Alondra Blvd – on the Compton-Woodley Airport. You do not need to enter the airport itself. You can enter the EAA 96 hangar from the east side of the hangar (parking there or on the road).