September 2015

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SBD Fest 2015 Roars into SBD International Airport


SBD Fest 2015 Roars into SBD International Airport on October 17, 2015

(San Bernardino, CA – September 15, 2015) SBD Fest will take place at SBD International Airport on Saturday, October 17, 2015; celebrating the return of air shows to the skies over San Bernardino. The event offers a unique opportunity for the Airport to connect with surrounding communities and provide a fun event for families in the region. The opening ceremony, scheduled for 10:45 am, will pay tribute to the Airport’s rich heritage as a former US Air Force Base.

Aviation Interest

California International Airshow September 26, 27

The California International Airshow scheduled for September 26, 27 is coming up quickly. Would you please pass the following message on to your local pilot association/clubs/flight schools? All aircraft flying in for the show and leaving same day will have their ramp fees waived. Pilots flying into the airport for the airshow will receive pre-admission airshow ticket prices for entry ($15.00) and the FBO, Jet West will be offering a .50 cent per gallon discount on fuel during airshow weekend.