FLABOBRialto’s loss is Flabob’s gain! Rialto unfortunately lost an airport, but as a result, Flabob gained a bunch of hangars and other airport related items. Flabob’s “briar patch” hangars have been torn down, grading has begun, and asphalt will soon be laid west of the gas pump in preparation for the erection of a whole slew of new hangars–some 65 to eventually be available to house planes at Flabob…doubling the hangar space now offered.

The hangars and other equipment were donated by the city of Rialto. L67 was closed this past Sept. 18. On Oct. 8, Flabob officials were notified that they were the recipient of most of the hangars and equipment offered through Rialto’s “Disposition of

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Rialto AirportFinal Fly-In Held As The Business Passes Into The History Books With The Airport Soon To Follow

About 100 pilots quietly held an impromptu fly-in at Rialto Airport (L67) Sunday to mark the passing of two of the industry’s institutions; Art Scholl Aviation and the airport itself.

While the airport is not yet gone, its closure is set for later this year. Judy Scholl decided to close the business this past weekend after 36 years at the airport.

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Rialto AirportIf you ever wondered what the movie might be like about the last day at Santa Monica Airport, here’s a preview.

The movie’s “opening” is Sunday August 31, 2014.

Its closing is this Sunday, too.

A movie cut short. A story that’s long. A story that’s sad.

Rialto / L67 will be closed and gone after Sunday, August 31st. And it could be duplicated at Santa Monica if we don’t get further organized, more money raised, and this initiative passed.

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Rialto AirportI attended the tenants meeting tonight. Not much to say. The City of Rialto took over the airport in 8/05. The 2008 recession stopped the plan to turn the airport into a mixed development as planned. They had something going for them and got messed up when California eliminated the redevelopment authorities. So they had to get through that and find money from another source. They’ve apparently done that and everything is once again on track. They are in the process of complying with state rules, federal regulations, and Part 49 Code of Federal Regulations.

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San Bernardino AirportSan Bernardino Airport seeking tenants for developer Scot Spencer’s former terminal – San Bernardino International Airport officials are negotiating with two companies to extend their lease agreements and also preparing to launch a marketing campaign in hopes of attracting a tenant for a hangar previously occupied by a corporate jet refueling facility.

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