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Airport Land Use Compatibility

Land Use Near Inland Airports A Crucial Safety Issue

When the Perris City Council allowed a 173,000-square-foot distribution center to be built inside the Air Force’s “accident potential zone” just south of the March Air Reserve Base runway, it defied a request by two Riverside County supervisors who feared developing the buffer zone more than the recommended 20 percent.

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Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park – CALPILOTS Response –

Read the letter to the  County of San Mateo, Planning and Building Department regarding the Big Wave Wellness Center and Office Park.

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Open Letter to Palo Alto Mayor

Honorable Mayor and Council Members: The California Pilots Association assists cities in preserving their public airports. The Palo Alto Airport is the region’s on ramp and off ramp to the nation’s aerial highways. As an important part of Palo Alto’s transportation infrastructor it plays an increasingly important role for business users. With Highway 101 becoming…

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SB 335

I was honored to attend the presentation of Senate Bill 335, presented by Senator Maldonado, in Sacramento in early April. The bill would require the appropriation of $15 million annually, 2005 to 2009, from the General Fund to the Division of Aeronautics for the purpose of funding grants for airport security, safety, and capacity needs?. I was a fill in for one of the California Pilot Associations Director-at-Large who had to work (remember we are all volunteers). The California Pilots Association felt it was important enough to make other arrangements which landed me the replacement task.

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Agua Dulce Airport- Hearing (Follow-up)

This is a follow-up on the dispute regarding the Agua Dulce Airport. To read the report written by Region 4 VP, Jack Kenton on the Agua Dulce Airport hearing, click more.

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San Diego Lindbergh Airport Encroachment

January 22, 2005
Honorable Dick Murphy, Mayor
City of San Diego
San Diego, California

Dear Mayor Murphy:

The California Pilots Association assists cities, counties and special districts in preserving safe and efficient public airports such as Lindbergh Field.

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Torrance Airport

Torrance Airport, aka Zamperini Field, was a subject of the Torrance City Planning Commission the evening of 21 April. I had initially misunderstood the proposal to reduce the roadway leading into the airport. It was not the road into the Gen Av Ctr (GAC) that was to be reduced, but the main entrance road from the Pacific Coast Highway (I believe this was the original south boundary of the Army Airfield in WW II) leading to the entry road to the GAC.

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VOR Checkpoint Deleted from Compton (CPM) Airport

As of a year ago, the Airport/Facility Directory (AFD) for the area discontinued its listing of the VOT (113.9) that serves all of the Los Angeles “South Bay” airports.

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By Jack Kenton CPA Airport Rep Coordinator

The ownership of the airport has been resolved following a court case in which the original owner attempted to reclaim the airport due to nonpayment (on the mortgage) by the buyer. The present owner bought the airport some two or more years ago and, after starting a flight school, renovating a motel and the restaurant, found that he was not earning enough from the operation to have it pay its way.

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